November 13th, 2007

Luvzya thanks Seattle. Tonight Portland OR.

Thanks to everyone who came out of the storm to see us at the Mercury last night. A few photographs taken by honorable Andrew Rose have been uploaded to my Flickr page. Look at them.

Luvzya live at the Mercury, Seattle.  11.12.07

Luvzya live at the Mercury, Seattle.  11.12.07

Tonight we play Portland. At Rotture with Ghost Motor and Sean.

Read this:

"Metal, by its nature, is both malleable and alloyable. (......) Now, twenty years later, a generation of metallurgists are taking the hazardous step of combining the ultralight superconductor that is Thrash Industrial with the heavy and poisonous alloys of Black Stoner Doom. Right now, here, tonight.

GHOST MOTOR, Portland's early entry in a nascent experimental subgenre of metal, play host to Seattleites LUVZYA (a dense black horror worthy of corpse-paint) and SEAN (Naked City of the Grind Age); sharing a penchant for effects-sharpened vocals, sub-bass frequencies, damaged synth noises, and a diseased rock-and-roll snarl. Let's call it Rust Metal. Let's all turn out and get ugly with it.

Guest Selector SAMPCAMPUS will give it the old college try, ably upholding Mr. Preston's vinyl curricuulum till the old boy comes marching home."

Luvzya Luvzya Luvzya