November 2nd, 2007

Be me for a change: a project & proposal

This is for you.

I am asking you to cut me up. It's quite easy.

Go to my website:
or other places with my artwork, such as journal, etc.

Print out photographs of mine at your own discretion.

Take out your scissors and cut them up. Collage them. Make something new. Be me for a change.

Subject them to unkind cuts. Apply glue or other adhesive. Restructure randomly or with great care. I only ask that you not 'collage' digitally. Scissors are important and they miss you. My making of photographs is a tactile process, and I think that your making of my photographs should be as well.

Then scan results and email please to my backup email address: rikgarrett at gmail (dot) com

Do not worry about being an 'artist'. Just be an artist.

Feel free to repost this. As far as I am concerned, the more results I get the better.
I will not edit. I will post all resulting works here.