September 20th, 2007

limited collectable - only two available

When I had my solo show in Zurich last year, I got 4 of these posters. One larger one, and 3 this size (approx. 12x16 inches). I am keeping the larger one and gave one of the smaller to my dear friend in the photograph. That means that I have two available for sale at $45 each (+$5 shipping in the US, check for shipping elsewhere). I could always sign it if you like that type of thing. Consider it a collector's piece. Contact me if interested.

The first two people to contact me get it. Can you pay with Paypal? Good.

Clearing out several new things, so there may be other goodies of interest very soon.

2005... 2007

One photograph nearly two years old that I never showed anyone. I don't even know why. Taken November 2005 and tucked away until now.

And one photograph from last week. Taken under similar conditions, but different. A slightly different approach.


the things I've made in real life

I think that sometimes people might forget that I actually make things in real life. Maybe they don't actually. It's very likely that I'm mistaken. Sometimes I wonder though, and it prompts me to remind everyone that I do really have things in real life and am not just dressing up the internet.

So this is a post dedicated to some things that I've made. Things that I might have forgotten to really show people, or things I'd forgotten about.

For example, I have several tintypes that I never put on my website. I must have forgotten originally as I was moving to Chicago and getting ready for my show in Zurich. But here are a few of the tintypes that I have which are framed and available for sale:

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These are all framed very nicely. The tintypes themselves are 4x5 inches. There may be others to choose from if you ask nicely.

Here are the few remaining framed 16x20 prints taking up space in my home right now. The prints are archivally toned fibre base prints, signed and numbered in editions of 8. Framed in simple black wooden frames, double matted.

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Also, all of the Polaroid transfers posted HERE and HERE last month are available. Each is a one of a kind piece on printing paper. Placement on the page is somewhat erratic, due to the nature of Polaroid transfers. Any of these are suitable for framing and available for $200 each.

I also realized that I never posted photographs of the handmade book "Hexentexte" I finished in February of 2005. Yes, I started it nearly three years ago. It's a little late. But I thought some snapshots would be of interest.

The cover and each page was made by hand from unstretched canvas. Each page has an original Polaroid proof of one of my photographs on the front, and on the back has an augmented journal entry. The original typed page was destroyed in the process of transferring the words to the book, leaving more of an idea of the words than an actual legible entry.

Between each page is a piece of thick acid free black paper to keep the pages separated. Beginning around the second half of the book, I decided to begin making audio entries of the written words being included. In keeping with the theme, the sounds are more representations than anything else. Each of these is included as a 3 inch CD-R attached to the black paper.

Very few people have seen this book. If you look closely, you might be able to make out a faint mark where Genesis P-Orridge kissed the cover. Or maybe not.

There is a little more information about this one of a kind book, along with audio excerpts on this page on my website:

I've considered submitting this to book related art shows, even though this is a little old now. I put a lot of work into this book. Possibly more than any other project I've ever worked on, and it wasn't for public consumption.

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