August 7th, 2007

Luvzya music project - news and works in progress (and a Polaroid)

Luvzya music online

Many things happening here, all secret and behind the scenes.

1. Tracks have begun to be assembled for the upcoming Alpensaga trilogy. This is a slow process, pieces being forged and worked over meticulously, often times across vast distances. Which might make sense.

2. Discussions and plans regarding putting together a small limited run of CDs of our live show last March, possibly alongside new material (the first of the Alpensaga, perhaps). We are all fickle, we all like nice packaging, and we would want you to feel special and magic for owning one.

3. Plans and outlines for a cohesive full length recording. This would have to be done sometime while Rik visits Washington again. But it's bound to be epic. (Friends with record labels, and friends of friends of record labels please take note)

4. Actual website (and not just this myspace business) in the works

Anyone having any means of helping along our path is welcome to contact us regarding such. Distance makes things slower and more difficult.

But expect some good things soon.