March 5th, 2007

another photograph, and some news

I will be visiting Washington State shortly. I'll be in the Seattle/Tacoma area from March 12-19th to see friends and family, work on projects, etc.

On March 14th I will be performing with my project, Luvzya ( ) at Hell's Kitchen in Tacoma. The lineup will include friends and visual artists Derek Nobbs dereknobbs and Jessica McCourt anaisred, along with longtime collaborator Barham Beires (whose main band 'And Those Who Were Dragged' will be headlining). So those in the area should check it out.

On the 16th I plan on attending the opening night of the Seattle Erotic Art Festival, in which I have a couple of pieces.

If anyone has been considering purchasing any work from me that I made over a year ago, now would be a good time to contact me regarding that. I'll have access to all of my pieces in storage, along with other miscellaneous things like the last remaining Doll Shirts, and could ship directly from there (or for those in the area, could potentially meet up to avoid shipping costs).

Also, I created a Flickr account -
I thought it would be interesting to upload live photographs, snapshots from art openings & etc. I may add other things later. Those of you with Flickr accounts, feel free to add me. Is that how it works? I'm not even sure.